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  1. Once in a while I get so fed up with life’s struggles that I start questioning the purpose of life. Like the quote suggests we need to train our mind that life is worth living. On my part, I can just look at my children and know life is worth living for them.

    It breaks my heart, just thinking how sad they would be without me. Also, just the natural beauty of the world has been worth living for just to admire its beauty and wonder.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree we need to see that life is worth living. I have always stopped to question the purpose of life regardless. it’s just the way I am, but I understand why through your struggles you would start to question the purpose of life. We question quite a bit in those times.

      Whilst we have the chance to live our lives iI believe it’s important to make the most of it. My mother would often say we’re a long time dead and that would put things into perspective. Looking back I feel she was right.

      You’re right Maria life itself is just a wonder.

  2. A sincere smile from a stranger, enjoying someone else’s existence, love and life’s little wonders makes life worth living for me. These are the things we take for granted and will miss if taken away.

    Hope is what literally keeps us alive and if we lose that we lose everything.

    1. Thanks Tim. What beautiful sentiments, but having seen a different side to life, what you suggest unfortunately doesn’t often play out in other people’s lives.

      It’s not that we wouldn’t want to enjoy a sincere smile from a stranger, or enjoy someone else’s existence, but emotionally we’re not always in that happy place.

      I do agree with you that when we can live with hope we leave the door open for us to live our lives and without hope we have very little to hold on to, but it’s important that we work with everything in-between so that we can have all that you suggest.

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