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    1. Thanks Lisa. I think it’s something we all know we should do, but when we’re angry it’s not what we do. I agree also.

    1. If the person is the problem it’s important to mediate so that any problem or understanding is rectified. I think problems others have aren’t always clear cut either. Sometimes we are responsible for other people’s attitude towards us.

      In any event, we achieve nothing by directing anger at others; only fallouts and spoiled relationships, that in some cases can never be rectified.

  1. My anger is mostly directed at circumstances that I’ve created; but I’m justifiably angry at a world that has little or no empathy for anything anymore.

    I agree that it is wise to direct our anger towards the problem, but sometimes people are the problem.

    1. Thanks Tim. I think it’s perfectly okay to be angry with ourselves for our own actions as long as the anger we feel, is channeled positively towards change. Everyone must be responsible for what they put out there.

      As for being angry in a world that has very little empathy, we do seem to have lost our way and the meaning of why we are here. Recent tragic circumstances in Europe have shown us that.

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