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“Peace is something tangible. It silences the outgoing energy of the mind and feeds the aspiring heart. Peace is not merely the absence of quarreling and fighting. True peace is not affected by the roaring of the world, outer or inner. This sea of peace is at our command if we practise the spiritual life.”


19 Feb, 2013

4 thoughts on “About peace

    1. You’re right Lisa, we do strive to find and have peace in our lives, but that we’re not always successful at it depending on what we’re dealing with and with whom.

      I believe peace is different to all of us. We all have different methods of trying to achieve peace in our lives. For me the spiritual way works.

  1. Spirituality definitely brings me peace. When I am troubled I will go down on bended knee and pray to God for guidance and strength with my troubles.

    Somehow even though the problems are still there, I feel a sense of peace about it like somehow I will come up with the answer on how to fix things.

    God gives me strength.

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