6 thoughts on “Acceptance and recovery

  1. Yes, we have to accept things first, like with the 6 step programs for alcohol or drug abuse you have to accept that you have a problem first, before you can truly recover.

    1. Yes you’re absolutely right, recognition has to be an earlier step before acceptance. If we can’t recognise, we can’t accept.

      Quotes give us food for thought… something for us to think about, but don’t always include ‘the whole.’

  2. Acceptance is something I have a very hard time with when it comes to things I’ve done in the past! One thing I finally realised is, even though I do have to accept certain things it doesn’t mean that I have to like them.

    Considering I am actually in a program of recovery, I have been hearing about it for a very long time! I know the biggest problem for people is in accepting something they feel they have to agree with.

    There are many things I have to accept in my life before I move on but it needs to be done!

  3. Thanks Randy. Yes you’re right we will all have to accept things in life before we can move on.

    Of course it can be the hardest thing but as you say it needs to be done.

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