10 thoughts on “Accomplishment

  1. I’ll have to try to work on that one, since it’s a great thing to prove other people wrong.

    I just have to get over thinking of myself as being wrong to be able to accomplish that.

    1. It sounds like others have convinced you for so long that you can’t do things; that you’ve now convinced yourself into believing you can’t.

      As you say in your response Randy, you’ll have to convince yourself whilst proving to those non-believers that you can accomplish what you set out to accomplish. I believe you can.

  2. I absolutely love this quote 🙂 It’s such a great one. Thanks for sharing it.

    I totally believe it. Now I just need to start living it out. Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Oh, I love it when I can accomplish something others say I can’t do. It’s like those are the magic words to me. A challenge.

    I am more determined when someone says I can’t do something!

    1. You’re right Lisa when we’re told we cannot do something, it’s like a signal that goes off in our heads as we become more determined to prove that other person wrong.

      It was a lack of confidence for me that stopped me from accepting those kind of challenges, that and no support or encouragement.

      Good for you!

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