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  1. ‘Today’ is the only day we have, so we do have to make the best of it! People are always stuck in yesterday or worrying about tomorrow, so much that they forget to take advantage of today.

    I have spent most of my life doing one or the other and have wasted most of my life in the process. I just have to try to remind myself that I need to stay in today!

    1. Thanks Randy, yes I couldn’t agree more and you’re right. We tend to work that way!

      Over the years, I have found that the more I stay in the present, the less I worry about the future and the less I stay stuck in the past, but to do that we have to deal with our past. I have to say and speaking from experience that part isn’t always so easy to do.

      We just have to do our best that’s all we can do.

  2. Life’s too short to think about the past and wish things were different and to worry about the future. We need to enjoy each day as it comes.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree in theory, but in practice, I’m not sure how many of us can move on from the past without letting go of the bad memories and experiences.

      I agree that we need to enjoy and take each day as it comes, but the present moment is always spoiled when we fail to deal with ‘issues from the past.’ If we deal with any issues from our past, we will comfortably get to live in the present, without too many worries.

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