An Abraham Lincoln quote

Something inspirational:

“I am a slow walker but I never walk back.”


25 Jan, 2017

4 thoughts on “An Abraham Lincoln quote

  1. It’s impossible to stay ignorant when you move forward. But if you walk back, you may find yourself secretly pleased about your endurance.

    But we’re always moving forward and walking back simultaneously.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I agree. Moving forward however slow, means we’re learning new things, so we will be less ignorant and more informed.

      But although moving forward means we’re learning new things, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re done with our past. Because of time we cannot stay still; so must move on with it. We invariably do, but our emotions don’t.

      When we learn from our past and accept our mistakes as we make them, we will move forward quicker. It doesn’t matter how slow we walk forward as long as we don’t walk back. Walking back isn’t a release, because being drawn to the past emotionally, means we’re not done with it.

      There is element of truth when you say, ‘we’re always moving forward and back simultaneously,’ but I believe, it’s often because we’re not quite ready to give up the past to embark on and embrace a new life.

  2. We may make slow progress, but it is progress nonetheless. Walking back on the other hand is fruitless, unless it serves the lesson of not repeating history’s mistakes.

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