4 thoughts on “An Agatha Christie quote

  1. This quote makes sense from an author of detective novels. I’d add compassion, respect and a kind sense of humour to complete the picture.

    1. Yes, compassion, respect and kind sense of humour would add to the mix beautifully.

      When you add all those things to the mix, you become a more balanced, kinder and a more compassionate person.

      Although I agree we need logic and know how, to complete our success we also must have the right balance around our personalities.

  2. I’m joined with Brad, since we really accomplish nothing without the attributes he described.

    Unless we’d rather reach the mountaintop hollow; but how does that profit a man?

    1. Thanks Tim. It doesn’t. But what you’ve said is absolutely true. How many people reach the top of their professions and they’ve achieved it at the cost of their personal lives?

      I also believe it depends on our reactions and how we treat people along the way before we get to the top.

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve and become successful, but how we get to be successful is massively important.

      Perhaps more of us should think about that.

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