An Albert Camus quote

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“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.”


27 Sep, 2014

8 thoughts on “An Albert Camus quote

  1. Perhaps man doesn’t really know what he is; he’s been searching for his true identity since the beginning of time.

    I’m sure there are many theories and interpretations of what and who a man is, but our knowledge of who we are is severely limited.

    1. Thanks Tim. I am sure you’re right; there will be many theories and interpretations of what and who man is and we may never get to the bottom of its true meaning; but I believe it’s down to us to at least try to understand.

      As individuals we are responsible for our own learning and understanding of what any theory means, but we choose not to question. We’ve come to accept the status quo… that we’re born that we have a life, but don’t stop to question, what it all really means.

      For me its about taking control of our minds and beliefs, understanding and working within our own remit of how we think, how we feel, what makes us laugh, what makes us sad, what makes us cry etc.

      In practice we should say much more than we mean and always mean much more than we say and yet we say very little about anything. Perhaps we’ll never understand its concept fully, but if we can get closer to an understanding of how this theory works, we will have achieved greatly.

      It’s about interpretation and being unique and individual, we will all have different thoughts and different interpretations to its meaning. There will always be different interpretations.

      As time has evolved, we have come to accept that we co-exist as man and don’t stop to question why or how. I think it would help to start thinking about what it all means. Perhaps if we did, we’d all get on better. The world would be a better place for us to live in.

  2. I think as people we are born and then we emulate our friends and parents in search of what makes us happy.

    As we get older and with wisdom, we learn what works for us and what doesn’t. It just takes some people a long time to be comfortable and happy with themselves. Others are born old souls and have wisdom at a younger age.

    I have grown to be happy with myself and my life although I don’t know when that change happened. I generally believe I’ve been happy at different decades of my life.

    With age comes wisdom, not sure who said that but that was a great quote!

    1. Thanks Maria. I’m smiling at your last sentence. Very true sentiments. I agree for some of us wisdom comes with age, but I don’t believe that’s true for everyone. We have things that we need to learn along life’s journey.

      That said I believe we can all have it, some of us are more clued up than others and will accrue wisdom through the years. I think you’re absolutely right about the decades. Much has been said in the media too, particularly with celebrities saying ‘they found themselves in their thirties and became much happier, but didn’t feel the same way in their twenties.’

      I think the more clued up we are the more we’ll understand how to get the best out of our lives and what it all means to be us. The sad reality is that many of us never achieve those thoughts and are miserable. Some of us have no choice but to grow up quickly and acquire wisdom from a very early age. My father was like that. I am sure there are many other people who have faced the same thing.

      I’m so pleased you have grown to be happy with yourself. That in effect is what life is all about.

  3. As a species, one of our failings is that we are rarely satisfied with who we are and that brings with it many, many problems encountered only in the human race.

    We are often our own worse enemy.

    1. Perhaps that’s got something to do with not completely understanding who we are and what makes us, us.

      We’re our own worst enemy because we choose not to find out.

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