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  1. A friendship should never be a competition. True friends applaud each other’s accomplishes and lend a hand when necessary.

  2. I think life is way too short not to feel good about who we are when involved in a friendship/relationship. From my own experience, a toxic relationship will slowly break you down until you don’t realize or even remember who you are.

    Looking back, I was both guilty and insane to tolerate a relationship like that. But a real friendship is a soul friendship. It should be a deeply felt bond, non-pretentious and uplifting.

    1. Thanks Tim. I think you’re right, but I’m not sure though how many of us will take the time to equate our relationships in the way you describe on a conscious level.

      It’s often only when we look back that we realise what we have emotionally put ourselves through. ‘But a real friendship is a soul friendship. It should be a deeply felt bond, non-pretentious and uplifting.’ I’ll second that.

  3. What good is a friendship if you can’t voice your opinion? True, sometimes your opinion can hurt, especially if it’s the truth and the other person doesn’t care to hear it.

    We can only grow as friends, if we can have heart to heart talks. When we grow as people our friendships and relationships get better.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes we should be able to say what we feel we have to say, without recourse to ourselves.

      Both friendships and relationships should encourage personal and spiritual growth, because without either our lives would stagnate. It’s more than fine if both people grow together through those friendships simultaneously, but it becomes impossible when one does and the other doesn’t.

      We have to let people live their lives regardless of where we are emotionally. It’s not right to silence anyone because we haven’t taken the time to work on our own personal and spiritual growth.

    1. Thank you, it’s lovely when quotes are self-explanatory and the message we need to take away from the quote is in there. You’re right there is really no need.

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