4 thoughts on “An Amit Kalantri quote

  1. We receive what we give and attract. But we are also fallible so it makes sense that we can be forgiven for our failings, but a sinful act is another matter.

    I am sure karma sees to it that we have the opportunity to change our behaviour, but if we act sinfully then that is what we will get in return.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I believe in karma and agree with you. We receive what we give and attract. If we give out kindness we will receive kindness back, in the same way if we hand out badness, we will get bad things back.

      When it comes to deceit, the deeper the web we weave, the harder it will be to come back from it, but I also agree that as we evolve and grow, we will have a chance to change our behaviour.

      For those who try to outwit karma, it will never work. Karma knows us, more than we know ourselves; it will always act accordingly.

      I think if more of us understood karma, the easier our lives would be.

  2. Karma is not conspicuous, but it’s distinctly seen. You see it in eyes that are wide and blank in people reaping what they sowed.

    But I do believe Karma is forgiving, of course it is. But you’d have to weave your soul through people for the better good. We’re traveling beings, we should know this.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, karma is forgiving where it knows our underlying intentions are honourable. It knows us more than we know our spiritual selves.

      On our part we either ignore karma, or take it as a fool. I think if more of us understood our reasons for being here, we would choose to be more enlightened.

      We are spiritual beings have an earthly experience. If we understood that we would want to work together, to do better, to be better people.

      Sadly even now, through the pandemic we’re not getting it right. We’re more apart than we have even been.

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