4 thoughts on “An Arthur C Clarke quote

  1. Brilliant quote. He must have been referring to the Houses of Parliament and The White House when he wrote it!

    1. He was clued up then, aware of politicians and their rhetoric. He was probably saying what others dare not say.

      We must stand back and perhaps listen a little more carefully to what we actually say. He has a point.

      When what we say affects others, we absolutely must.

  2. I am very disappointed in human beings and our primitive ways. The way we lack depth, humility and compassion, seems to be getting worse.

    But then you have exceedingly rare human beings who live on a deeper level, which reminds me that there is intelligent life. That’s why I cling to this site.

    1. Thank you so much Tim. Your words mean the world. I am pleased you see The CP Diary as an intelligent information site.

      And you’ve hit the nail on the head Tim. Working from a universal standpoint as I do, I resonate with your words and I cannot lie, you’re right.

      Us having to work to an enforced ‘lock down’ through the Coronavirus, is exactly the reason why human beings lack depth, humility and compassion and it’s getting worse.

      Earthly traits are fine but you must have and live with spiritual values also. As a rule, human beings hold on to earthly material traits as if their lives depend on it and forget about things like depth, humility and compassion.

      We need to start thinking about futures here, not just our children’s future, or their children’s future. We must go beyond those thoughts to think about the world in its entirety.

      The Coronavirus is real. We’re behaving as it’s a minor blip and that it’ll be right. Certain Governments need to stop their cavalier and egotistical approach. We also must tackle Global Warming. We’re killing ourselves and our world.

      Honestly, we cannot afford to continue to be selfish. As you say we need more ‘exceedingly rare human beings who live on a deeper level.’

      We’re running out of time; I cannot stress that enough.

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