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  1. I agree. When we say negative things about others we are really saying those things about ourselves. Others don’t really know the real us. They don’t know what we think.

    We put on a façade in front of others so they really don’t see the real us.

  2. Absolutely right!

    How we conduct ourselves matters, whereas how others perceive how we conduct ourselves is frankly, irrelevant.

    1. I agree with you that how we conduct ourselves matters, but I don’t agree that it doesn’t matter how others perceive or see how we conduct ourselves.

      If others are upset or hurt by our conduct then there is clearly something we need to change. If we make others feel uncomfortable then that’s not right.

  3. People subliminally tell you all about themselves by what they say about others.

    Words can hurt people more than we realize. If we find it difficult to say something positive about others, then we shouldn’t say anything at all.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re absolutely right they do, but I am not sure people who do that actually know that’s what they’re doing. I believe we learn a lot by what people say about others.

      As a child who was dealing with many emotional issues, my mother used to tell me the same thing. I used to blurt things out through anger because I was hurting, which didn’t do me any good. Seriously I must have been a nightmare to live with.

      My father would later go on to say though, that underneath the exterior out of all of his children, he knew I was the most kind caring and compassionate that I had a good heart, all the bits people didn’t get to see. You’re right though (and so was my mother) that unless we have something positive to say, we shouldn’t say anything at all.

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