An Avijeet Das quote

Something inspirational:

“I want to heal the world by my words.”


*Let’s not forget ‘World Mental Health Day’ – The CP Diary working towards better mental health.*

10 Oct, 2019

4 thoughts on “An Avijeet Das quote

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re right. Given what we’re seeing, I’m not sure people get that. I also can’t help but think decency is precious, primarily because there isn’t enough of it, both of which need to change.

      We must think about what we say and how we say and choose to come and work together, for the greater good and to make our world better.

  1. This is a very apt quote in view of the hard work you do here, and the impending publication of your memoir and an important reminder of World Mental Health Day too.

    1. That’s kind, thank you. Yes, we all need to do more to add to our mental health and support one another.

      I am happy to leave the rest of your response with you. I have nothing more that I feel I need to add.

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