An Edith Pierce quote

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“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Years Day.”



1 Jan, 2021

6 thoughts on “An Edith Pierce quote

  1. Here in the UK we have certainly opened a new book today and we needed to. Instead, I am now choosing to look forward to 2021 with enthusiasm that we have turned a corner and can now look positively to our future.

    1. Thank you. Today does feel different, not because politics has changed, but because we have and must keep that corner turned.

      Whilst we cannot change politics or how politicians choose to govern and I go back to that because it’s what we have, but we can change how we react to what they do and that is important.

      I never agreed to coming out of Europe, for one we are safer and that should always have been at the forefront of decisions made here, but as you said earlier, the decision taken has been nothing short of divisive and that is what we have turned out backs on. The door must stayed close.

      So today is a New Year for us to think differently. If we can’t change what is happening, then we must change our reactions to what is happening.

    2. Due to the pandemic, my life took an insane turn in 2020, that’s why I’m eyeing 2021 very suspiciously.

      Of course, it’s best to be optimistic, it beats hiding under my bed for 365 days.

      Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe, please.

      1. Happy New Year Tim. We will cope differently in stressful times, I am so pleased you’ve come through to tell a tale.

        I am also sure you won’t want 2021 to continue in the same vain you had in 2020, but living in the States, with a different President in the White House, I think your life will become easier.

        Being optimistic is something I also know a lot about and I do think it brings about positive outcomes where things may not feel so positive. Individually we can thrive.

        But the universe expects certain things from all of us. Accountability is key, there is no way we’re getting away from it, therefore it is important we all work together for the greater good of society and the world.

        The pandemic is teaching us that, but not everyone is learning their lessons, and that affects everyone else too.

  2. Yes, this is a new day of a New Year and I hope and pray that 2021 will be a much better year. I will have to try to remember to focus on the opportunities, on the things that I can do, rather than focus on the things I can’t do.

    From what I’ve seen, people aren’t going to change their ways anytime soon, but I can change my own. It’s something I should perhaps continue to work on.

    1. Thanks Randy and Happy New Year. Yes, being and living in a pandemic is scary, whilst we live with continued uncertainties.

      I think you’re right. Where it’s clear others aren’t changing right now, we must to keep ourselves safe.My hope is that others will too before it’s not too late. The virus doesn’t care who it affects; it is up to us to make sure we’re safe.

      I believe our opportunities will come, once we’re through the other end. In the meantime we must wait and concentrate on self-care.

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