4 thoughts on “An Ehsan Sehgal quote

  1. I hate to say, but I’m not 100% sure of what exactly this means! I’m guessing that it has something to do with pushing our limits, which I have a very bad habit of doing even when it’s going to make life difficult.

    I call it ‘being a rebel without a clue,’ which has been the story of my life. I’m trying to work on changing this bad habit, but I’m not always good at it.

    1. Thanks Randy. That’s okay. It means to go beyond accepted limits or standards of behaviour and crossing the line… between joking and being offensive and knowing our boundaries.

      When we cross those boundaries, we will lose other people’s trust. I think if more of us knew our boundaries and stuck to what’s right, doing right by others, the world would be a different, much better place for us to live.

      We have to learn to live within our restraints and know our limits.

  2. In the heat of any matter patience is a virtue, otherwise we may experience close encounters with the limits. I was just there last night, in a scary place.

    We probably should listen to life until we feel confident that we’re making the right move at any time.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, this is where our intuition comes in. It’s that little voice that’s helping steer us in the right direction we need to go.

      It’s always right, the hesitation comes from us, because we don’t believe its intentions, until we learn to trust ourselves and it.

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