6 thoughts on “An Einstein quote

    1. Thanks. I absolutely agree with this quote too.

      But there’s also another train of thought. Information that creates knowledge comes from a book, but true knowledge comes from life through our many experiences.

    1. Hi Tre and welcome to the site. Yes it is both great and inspirational. It’s always lovely when quotes make us think just that little bit deeper.

  1. By midlife, life begins to repeat itself over and over again, which gives me more time to enjoy the little moments; you’d have to experience it to believe it.

  2. Thanks Tim. Yes, by midlife we’ve usually got the hang of the life thing and tend to see things through better coloured spectacles, having questioned and queried most of everything, including us.

    I believe it’s only through knowledge we will see and come to understand how the life thing works so we’re less inclined to want to pick holes in ourselves.

    It’s sad that it takes us this long. But you’re right it’s around midlife that we get to enjoy the ‘little moments.’

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