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  1. Exactly. We are here to experience and grow. What material things we acquire along the way are wholly unimportant and irrelevant.

    Unfortunately our entire society and culture works on the premise of consumerism and that simply creates terrible personal difficulties and cultivates irresponsibility.

    1. Thanks. Yes you’re right; I would just add that consumerism will always add to our insecurities. We have come to believe that if we engage in consumerism, we will feel better, but that’s not the case.

      Retail therapy only does us good for a short while then we continue to struggle. We must get down to and deal with our insecurities, the route cause of our insecurities.

      As you say we are here to experience and grow, not to acquire things.

  2. The person who dies with the most toys win; that’s what most people in our society seem to think. We work to contribute and we receive compensation for that.

    Brad said it brilliantly and I could read his response over and over again.

    1. Do we really win? I’m not sure we do. I believe we lose more than we gain through our inability to grow, both emotionally and spiritually.

      That’s what life is really about, not how many toys we can accrue.

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