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  1. Oh I love this! This is how I’m feeling now with the injustices in America and the election coming up.

    I’m not sure if you heard, but the Government is wanting to put a Pipeline across Indian land in North Dakota. They’re even bribing the tribes, in order to ‘succeed.’

    I love my country I really do. We are all blessed to be here, but I’m afraid our Government is becoming too controlling and WE are all protesting.

    1. Thanks Bonnie, yes I heard something on the UK news about that together with your Election news and I hear ya!

      When the UK decided to come out of the European Union, I felt the same way. We live in a democracy and although the UK were given the vote and voted with their feet, there was a lot of underhand tactics by our Government going on, so the result we got wasn’t achieved fair and square.

      Ultimately, we cannot change what the Government decide, but we can protest in the most appropriate way by writing to those (in our case local MP’s), for you Congressmen who work on our behalf. That’s what I chose to do.

      Although their hands are often tied, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have your say. The more our opinions are voiced, the more the Government will have no alternative but to sit up and listen.

      It doesn’t make it right or fair, but it does give us a voice. We must make what our Governments do count. Voice your opinion. Let your voice be heard.

      Even if you can’t change the outcome, you’ll feel so much better.

  2. Good for you Bonnie! Thank you for standing strong for what’s right. It’s no secret that injustice wounds the soul, especially after generations of enduring it; and then one day somebody says, get over it.

    If you take our temperature a any given moment, you’ll find that our patience is beginning to fade, while injustice becomes more entrenched in our society.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes it’s great about Bonnie. I totally agree with you about injustice. It’s the way injustice seems to go right now; whether it’s through the courts, society, or in Government. We seem to get short changed.

      As far as the soul is concerned, I agree with your analogy; injustice does wound the soul; which is why it’s important we voice our opinions appropriately.

      That way we’re more inclined to let go of the initial issue, even if we can’t do anything about it.

  3. Thank you Ilana and Tim. I’ve been posting a lot of my frustrations on Facebook and maybe I need to step back and figure what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

    Thank you for your wise and encouraging words. I’m just fuming about the Natives being man handled once again by our government. I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime but perhaps history repeats itself?

    1. I believe history does have a habit of repeating itself, unless we make sure it doesn’t.

      We must make mental notes and make a conscious effort to change things; but I’m not sure how many of us think about things in that way. Unless we learn from our mistakes, history does tend to go on to repeat itself.

      When things are out of our control, like with the Government, all we can do is make our voice heard.

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