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  1. I was forced to be the light for everyone else in my life, especially my mother, who never seemed to appreciate anything I did.

    So, it makes sense that I have wasted most of my life trying to do the same thing with other people and expecting the same results. It would be great if I could still continue to be the light, but I have to remember to pay attention to my light.

    It’s pretty amazing what I have been able to do over the past couple of years, by following my own light.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes we’re supposed to come into this world and be a beacon of light, not only for ourselves, but for others too.

      In the ‘spiritual’ concept it’s a good thing. It’s trusting your intuition, showing kindness and compassion to yourself first, so that you give it to others too.

      The world would look and feel better if we were all that beacon of light. Many of us believe we are, but it’s not the case at all. That said I believe we all can.

      Using our intuition, compassion, empathy and kindness is open to us all, we just have to want to and to care.

  2. Ilana, your last paragraph of your response to Randy’s comment is spot on. You used the best possible words.

    Intuition, compassion, empathy and kindness will provide the brightest light. That’s the big picture view of it all.

    1. Thanks Tim. I appreciate your response. Yes, it’s in times like Covid-19 that we need compassion, empathy and kindness in the bucket-load.

      It is important we are the light. Right now, we’re not only turning on others by the decisions being made, and we’re putting ourselves first. You see it mostly in politics.

      But if Covid-19 is teaching us one thing, it’s that we must start working together. Without working together there can be ‘no light.’

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