An Ellen Degeneres quote

Something inspirational:

“Honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.”


19 May, 2019

6 thoughts on “An Ellen Degeneres quote

  1. I love this quote, such sincerity. Honesty is the way that I live and operate. Equality is treating everyone the same and not putting down those with different values than you.

    I always treat people with kindness. It does not take a scholar to tell you that people will like you better if you are kind to them (plus its the way I was raised). You treat people with compassion by feeling with your heart and having the same feelings they are feeling wash over you.

    Helping those in need is vital. We all have something that we can contribute to those less fortunate or in a crisis. These all make the world a better place to live in and also keeps us in harmony.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, I agree. You have great qualities; they are great qualities to have. We would also be much better people for it.

      I believe it’s what we should all be aiming for in our lifetime.

  2. A simple quote restating the values we should all live by, but unfortunately greed, prejudice and self-gratification seem more important to some people.

    1. Thanks. Yes, you can’t argue with facts. We’re not learning our lessons. The more important self-gratification becomes, the less inclined we are to want to help others.

      We’re missing the point ‘of life’ completely.

  3. They definitely sound like very traditional values, but that wasn’t the way I was raised, unfortunately.

    If anything, I was raised to be totally opposite to those values, so it’s no wonder I was so frequently confused. I was brainwashed growing up.

    I didn’t enjoy being that kind of person and have spent most of my life hating myself because of it. Nobody ever stopped me or told me it was my fault, but it’s no wonder I couldn’t think any differently.

    I have battled with myself for most of my life. I have to say that I prefer being a decent human being compared to the person I used to be.

    1. Thanks Randy. Being told what to do and how to do things is a form of brainwashing.

      Helicopter parenting leaves a child struggling to find a place for themselves. I understand and can relate to your experiences.

      I can also understand why you didn’t enjoy being controlled.

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