An English Proverb

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“You may find the worst enemy or best friend in yourself.”


18 May, 2015

6 thoughts on “An English Proverb

  1. I hate when the enemy in me makes its appearance. Feelings of doubt, sometimes come creeping in and create a turmoil in my head. It’s in part because of my disability and how people react to it. Sometimes I can’t help but feel different and not good enough.

    1. As a child I was always in emotional turmoil. Unfortunately, dealing with any disability can bring out the worst in us. I completely understand you Maria.

      It’s often difficult to comprehend, but we choose the things we decide to believe and say about ourselves, but as you rightly say your disability has a lot to do with how you feel about what you deal with and that can play out even more negatively, depending on how other people react to you.

      Even if they don’t react to you negatively, we don’t always know how to deal with ourselves. In doing so we will underestimate the value we bring to ourselves and our families.

  2. Indeed and I think it is so important that we recognise the potential for the ‘enemy within,’ to try and stand back and consider the right decision for any course of action.

  3. I guess what he is referring to is the ying and yang in everybody. We all have those traits, it’s just how we choose to lead our life whether we’re a best friend or an enemy to ourselves.

    Sometimes people can’t take their own advice and do foolish things that make them doubt themselves. It’s better to be positive and loving and be honest with oneself, so that there is peace, self love and harmony.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree. Like you I would always opt to be positive and loving and be honest with myself, so that I have peace, self love and harmony.

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