4 thoughts on “An Ernest Hemingway quote

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, it’s all about the soul. Just because we’re against something that isn’t good, doesn’t make us good in other areas of our life.

      And you’re right. It all starts with the soul. The soul is an imprint of our thoughts and what we put out there.

  1. I agree, being passively against something isn’t enough. We must have a voice and for it to be heard. We must do good to be good.

    1. Thanks. Where you say, ‘we must do good to be good.’ That’s absolutely right. This is the universal way, although sadly, it’s not always how it’s played out.

      As a child, I didn’t understand the concept fully, but these beliefs were part of my unconscious thinking.

      My lifestyle and blog are all testament to those beliefs.

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