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  1. I feel like what this message is saying is no one knows what has happened to someone in their life. People have regrets about many things in life.

    It can affect a person’s demeanor and only he knows about it. Everyone has their moments when the pain of their past is written on their face and heart.

    I believe some compassion is necessary, because not everyone’s life has been roses all the time.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes your response is absolutely spot on.

      We do have pain through bitter or painful experiences that not everyone will know about and even if they know they won’t know how we feel, until of course they experience it for themselves.

      It’s important we hand out compassion in the bucket loads. It’s so important to be a support to others; because we just won’t or can’t know in advance, when we might need the support back.

      The world needs to sit up and listen and just do.

  2. I completely agree with Maria. We may not really know someone, yet we feel we are entitled to judge them, without knowing their ‘secret sorrow’

    After all, the saying is that we should not judge a book by its cover.

    1. And yet that is what we do. There is so much we can change if we just cared enough to want to change.

      I fear we’re not learning our lessons.

  3. Apparently, sad men like to hide things between their ears, but sadness is no excuse for being cold. I have a family member with very similar characteristics.

    1. Thanks Tim. I hate to say it but the characteristics you describe are too common.

      What I find even more sad is where parents can make a difference and they choose not to. I also know someone close who shows the same characteristics, but I believe there are always underlying reasons why.

      Those reasons are just never addressed by the parent.

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