6 thoughts on “An impossible journey

  1. Boy, if that isn’t so true. I have been dreading one that I need to take, but it is the only way I will be able to move on rather than remaining trapped with someone who is on a very different path.

    With someone who isn’t interested in changing and doing her own thing, and accusing me of being selfish because I won’t do things her way. It’s ridiculous I am continuing to fight this war, seeing as I’m the one who is losing out the most.

    What I want is to have peace and quiet while she seems to thrive on the chaos and insanity. The choice was pretty much made for me and I have to take the steps to change things seeing as she won’t.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, it’s something we must all take at some point in our lives. It came late for me.

      The peace you’ll have is on the other side of what you know you must do. Although I can resonate with your reluctance because I’ve been there myself, I also know that once you’ve done it, you’ll be glad you did. It feels different through the other end.

      We often have to work for the things we need. It’s our biggest learning curve and lesson but worth the effort through the other end.

  2. Some journeys we start also seem impossible at times, but we are certainly not going to get far unless we at least make a start.

    1. Yes, agreed. I never thought I’d make my journey, finding out about my disability was so far out of reach.

      The universe works in mysterious ways but we must be instrumental also. As my mum used to say we only get one crack at life and she was right.

      It’s important as you say that we at least try to take our journey.

  3. Effort wasn’t in my veins until I mustered up enough faith in myself. Now I ride my journey unafraid.

    I really appreciate Randy’s last paragraph, good for him!

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, without effort and that’s often down to the support we get as a child, it’s virtually impossible to muster up courage, confidence or faith.

      As my story shows, although it’s harder without the support, it’s not impossible. It’s a quiet determination by us to believe in ourselves.

      I like that you’ve done it Tim. Good for you too.

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