8 thoughts on “An Old Proverb

  1. One does not necessarily have to seek something in order to find it; though for the most part the proverb rings true.

    It would make sense to say if one doesn’t look for something, how can they then expect to find it? however, take for example, I was researching the type of CP my son has and I came across information on his muscle tone etc, which is what I was looking for, but then something in the corner of the screen caught my eye, it was a term I had never heard before, so I curiously became drawn to it and it turns out that it describes my son’s speaking disorder related to his CP.

    I didn’t set out to research speech disorders, but it kinda found me. Just saying, sometimes things don’t always follow the obvious pattern.

    1. I believe that subconsciously not consciously the thought was there for you. You didn’t set out to find out about speech disorders for your son’s CP at that particular time, but subconsciously it was meant to find you. It was there when you needed it to be, although not on a conscious level.

      Lovely to have you on site. Thanks for posting.

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