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    1. Well that’s good! I work through things differently. I tend to go with either my gut on these things and/or my intuition.

      That way I come to know these things for sure, but I do agree this is the way it tends to work out. The quote is spot on.

  1. I totally agree that the young seem to think they know everything. My two daughters, especially my teenager, think we don’t know what we’re talking about.

    They believe more on what their friends tell them. They forget we were once young, too.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes your last sentence sums up your response nicely.

      Children do forget their parents were once young too and that what they’re wanting to do has already been done by their parents in one way or another and believe children will always come full circle, particularly when they go on to have their own children.

  2. I have noticed a lot of false pride and theatrics from many young people, but that’s to be expected since it takes time to grow.

    Older people are no longer organizing against humanity, they’re more settled with their pebbles in life. But I probably fall into that category of being suspicious of every damn thing.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes immaturity is part of that scenario and agree growth eventually goes on to change all of that. I agree with you about older people. Through emotional and spiritual growth, they’ve grown into the people they have gone on to become.

      From my own experiences the less settled we are in ourselves the more suspicious we become. That subsides when we’re generally happier with life and with ourselves.

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