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  1. For me what I think is being said is that most of the time we draw upon experiences that we’ve had in the past, but she’s saying that we should live our life in the present and not to live it based on what our reaction was to a similar experience in the past.

    It’s very true, we can’t live in the past because the outcome now could be different than what we would have experienced previously.

    1. Yes our reactions to experiences now will be different to our reactions in the past when we first had those experiences.

      This quote is open to many interpretations. For me it’s easier to look back at our experiences in the past and learn from them, but that we mustn’t live in the past. When we live in the past we will always fail to move forward.

  2. True. We learn from the past but we cannot go back, we can only go forward and we cannot live in the past.

    I’ve always heard “If only we had 20/20 vision,” when it comes to how we live our lives we wouldn’t make as many mistakes. If I knew then what I know now.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree. It’s also true that we don’t always know, but can learn to work out and see the bigger picture so that we have more of that 20/20 vision you talk about.

      Because we have little understanding on why things happen, we have little understanding on how we can change things and that’s the problem.

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