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“Generally speaking, I simply ASSUME that the best is always happening in my life; whether it’s enough money, a comfortable and nurturing place to live, whatever. In this same line of thinking, I see myself protected and guided by a squadron of guardian angels; so I seem to KNOW when it’s time to let go of a situation because it’s not good for me, and when to embark on a path that is right.”


13 Jan, 2012

4 thoughts on “Angels

  1. I’m guessing that I’ve had a few guardian angels in my life, considering some of what I’ve been through.

    Now if I could just get the message of what they’re trying to tell me sometimes, I would be a lot better off!

    1. I’m sure you have! Angels continue to help us when we least expect the help, but they are around… we just have to ask for help.

  2. I know I have angels watching over me. I saw them once when I was really ill with a bad case of the flu. It was my great grandparents.

    I believe in angels and always have.

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