Anger is an acid

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“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”


7 Jun, 2018

6 thoughts on “Anger is an acid

  1. There is an expression in ‘AA’ that says ‘holding onto a resentment is like drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die,’ which is basically stating that holding on to that anger hurts, us a lot more than it does them.

    Anger has been a corrosive acid in my life, often causing me to make decisions that made my life so much worse, but never seemed to really bother the people I was angry with.

    Most of the time what annoyed me the most, was that they went on with their lives seemingly oblivious to whatever harm they had caused me, especially with people like my own parents.

    Sadly it has only taken most of my life to finally realize that I can’t afford to continue hanging on to that anger and have to learn how to let go of it, so I can finally live my own life without being bothered by what everyone else has done to me.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, as you have come to realise yourself hanging on to the anger you feel makes your life a lot worse than it does to the people who caused you to be angry.

      There’s no point to it. You will achieve more by finding an understanding behind the issues you carry and why those were meant for you, than you will trying to understand why others particularly your parents have behaved in the way they have.

      Unless we walk a mile in another person’s shoes, or unless we’re able to get into their minds or under their skin, we can never know for sure how things really are for them, unless they talk to us and explain themselves.

      But anger is acid and it eats away at us, we get ill, then illness takes a hold. I have seen what anger does in the longer term and it’s not pretty.

      When you say, ‘I can’t afford to continue hanging on to that anger and have to learn how to let go of it.’ Yes, you’ll feel so much happier once you’ve let the anger go.

      It’s important to make sure you have people in your life Randy who unconditionally want to help. We hold on to anger, because we continue to struggle with people who care less about us, even if they are not originally responsible for our initial experiences.

      Sadly, that just continues to reinforce the anger we feel.

  2. Anger is in me, sometimes waiting under my smile. So I do everything I can to contain it before it shakes my nerves.

    I expect to lose if I allow anger to overtake me.

    1. Thanks Tim. Where you say, ‘I expect to lose if I allow anger to overtake me,’ you’re absolutely right.

      Anger envelops, gets bigger at every opportunity if we don’t deal with it. The more we hold on to anger, the more anger spills into other parts of our life. And at that point we breathe, live and sleep anger.

      However, looking at the bigger picture of someone’s life, is the way I bring understanding into the equation. It allows me to judge, based on their own difficulties and in many cases, understand their abuse issues.

  3. I used to suffer from bouts of anger. My Mom would comment on them because I didn’t know they were souring my mood. They never got me anywhere, so I learned to let them go.

    I turn the situation over to God and resign myself that it should be put in the past. I know that anger can manifest problems in one’s health.

    Anger just leads to resentment and I’ll thoughts. I believe it may be one of our worst qualities.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, I’m there with you. I understand your anger Maria. It’s not something easily remedied either, because anger is usually there for a reason.

      Like your mum used to comment on your anger, my mum did also; but didn’t think to ask why I presented that way. Anger is attached to an issue, something we struggle with. No one is born angry. I do agree with you that anger is one of our worst qualities.

      I believe when someone is angry, they already hold resentment. I was angry and resentful because I had no emotional support that would help me understand and work through my disability.

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