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  1. This quote should end halfway. We should all strive to improve and by definition that means change. Perfection on the other hand, doesn’t exist, so for me it is enough that we try to improve ourselves.

    1. Thanks, yes in my vocabulary, there is no such word as ‘perfect’ even though the word clearly exists!

      Even if we had to change often to get things to be perfect, I’m not sure we’d ever achieve perfection. I think we rely too much on trying to reach perfection instead of being just good enough.

      I do believe and agree with you that we should strive to improve to change where it’s necessary.

  2. I must have been made imperfect for a specific reason, since imperfection is beautiful beyond anything I can imagine. It’s our thirst to be more than anyone that makes us think we’re beyond improvement.

    And I think change is more about adjusting to seasons and elevating spiritually, as oppose to assimilating or changing who we are.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes I’m not actually sure why we think we have to be, like we have something to prove.

      I totally agree with you about change. Changing through spiritual elevation is generally accepted as being part of the Universal change and that will always work and needs to happen.

      To change who we are serves no real purpose, because it’s something we have to come to maintain and that’s not easy, particularly if we’ve changed for the worst, just to be able to fit in.

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