Enjoy the anticipation of waiting for today’s small pleasures. We take so much for granted that whatever we think we should have, we want it, when we want it and won’t wait for it, but things shouldn’t be commonplace. They should be treats, a gift, a reward for something we’ve worked for. Anticipation adds to the senses and exercises willpower. Perhaps we need to look at this another way and decide when the time is right to take that treat.

15 Sep, 2010

8 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. You are so right. Anticipation is a great thing. It gives a person something to look forward to. We can’t always have things when we want them. Sometimes the waiting is worth it in the end.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, particularly if what we’re anticipating is something we want to happen. Anticipation can also be something we dread too.

  2. Anticipation and waiting for things has been a defining change in my life. So many people in this world are looking for instant gratification, but end up sad and depressed when the sugar high wears off.

    Lasting happiness has to be earned, cultivated loved and nurtured.

  3. For so many years I searched fruitlessly for happiness and settled for instant gratification only to find my life a hollow and miserable existence.

    Then things changed for me and I found that true happiness comes with hard work, patience, faith, careful cultivation and love.

    1. Thanks Brian. Yes it does, something that we all have to constantly work at. We take so much for granted, particularly with people we share our lives with.

      Relationships need nurturing as you say. I am glad you have found happiness now. You got there and that’s great.

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