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“People say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” True, but it goes beyond that. Don’t judge a book by its first words, first paragraphs, even its first pages. In fact, don’t judge a book until you have fully read and comprehended it.”


24 Jun, 2012

8 thoughts on “As in life

  1. True True True!! You really don’t know someone until you’ve spent some time with them and got to know them better. My daughter met her now boyfriend and fiance online.

    They had chatted for a month or so then he moved in with her the first day they met in person. Now she has to deal with a few things that she didn’t know about him before they got so involved.

    It’s not really bad stuff but it’s things she didn’t know because she didn’t get past the first paragraph or the first page before jumping in!

    1. You’re right. It’s easy to make assumptions of people without really knowing them, or knowing them and judging them harshly because we judge everyone harshly. We need to judge people fairly.

      I believe when we judge someone harshly, which isn’t true to the person we’re judging, it’s usually because of how we see and judge ourselves.

  2. Very true. There are just so many people that tend to be very judemental of others when they don’t even really know them.

    I’ve been trying to learn how not to be so judgmental myself, which isn’t such an easy task at times. I know I grew up being judged quite often, so I try to remember what it felt like.

    It’s just not an easy habit to break if you’ve been doing it most of your life. I’m hoping I can learn to change that train of thought in the future.

    1. Being judged as a child makes it hard for us not to want to judge others. It’s what we know, what we’ve been taught. We have to unlearn it.

      I hope you manage to break the habit too Randy.

  3. This saying is absolutely true. We can’t hope to understand anyone until we really know them, much like having finished and understood a book.

    It’s all about being patient and not being judgmental.

  4. Ilana this is one of the truest statements about life and compassion.

    I just came through an ordeal in the hospital where I witnessed fear of the unknown dealing with infectious diseases and was at first ignorant,then became educated on the conditions and was disappointed with my behavior.

    I then apologised for my ignorance and thought of how people had been the same way to me as I had behaved to another, judging without knowledge.

    This was one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in life. Thank you for letting me post and I hope everyone is in good health and having a great day.

    1. Thanks and you’re welcome.

      I totally agree with you, but I think that sometimes we have to go through these experiences to come through the other end. I honestly believe they are our lessons. If we come out a better person then that’s a lesson well learned and one that hopefully won’t be repeated but in a positive way of course.

      I think the person you apologised to will be absolutely fine. It’s amazing how much respect someone will have of someone else for just being honest about their behavior. I know I would.

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