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“Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes. The subconscious identically creates.”


10 Jul, 2012

8 thoughts on “Attraction

  1. I’m not in tune with how the conscious and sub-conscious communicate or relate, but do agree that what I give out will be returned in time.

    Mojo is a powerful thing and I choose to be positive and project a good attitude.

    1. I believe the two are inter-linked. What we struggle with subconsciously, usually plays out in our conscious.

      Karma works on the premise that what we give out, will be returned in time. I agree with that too. Like you Brian, I also choose to be positive and project a good attitude. It’s what the world needs more of.

  2. It sounds like what happens with people, as in positive people tend to attract positive people and negative people tend to attract negative people. I’ve realized a long time ago this is the way things are in the world which a lot of people don’t catch on to very easily.

    Life would be a lot easier if people were better able to grasp these concepts!

    1. It would make it far easier Randy, I agree. I believe we attract like for like because some of us subconsciously deal with negativity which plays out in our conscious.

      Those of us who have positive subconscious experiences are more likely to attract positive people. I believe this is the way the subconscious and conscious mind work.

      They work in unison with each other, unfortunately not separately.

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