10 thoughts on “Be yourself

  1. I used to try to be someone else when I was younger and it never worked out too well. It doesn’t get you anywhere in life.

    I be myself now and if others don’t like it… too bad for them!

  2. My parents had definite ideas what I should do and what I should be.

    I tried to live up to my father’s ideas, but I found I could never measure up no matter how hard I tried, so years ago I quit doing that.

    Now I am more my own person with my own ideas on how my life should be. Much happier now.

  3. I’ve spent way too many years trying to act like everyone else thought I should act. Now I’m trying to figure out really who I am and it’s been a very tough road so far.

    I just want to live my life on my own terms which seems almost too much to ask sometimes. I’m praying that the future will get better in this aspect, so I can actually move on in my life!

    1. Ditto for me too. In my thirties I started thinking about myself, instead of trying to please everyone else. Sometimes we have to do these things.

      You can do this Randy. Thank you for posting.

  4. Hi Ilana, it’s Katie from ds! I love this thought. It’s beautiful and so true. I need to start living every day this way.

    It’s going to be a beautiful change 🙂

    1. It’s so great hearing from you Katie. Ditto I totally agree. Hope you achieve your accomplishment. Thank you for posting.

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