4 thoughts on “Becoming silent

  1. Thank you for sharing another inspirational quote from Martin Luther King Jr.

    When you stand silent about the things that matter and are important in life then this is when your life begins to end. Part of you dies with that silence. History has taught us too many salutary lessons.

    Evil thrives because people do not speak out. If you do not speak out when you see something that is wrong, then you’ll have to live with the knowledge that you allowed evil to win, because you did nothing to prevent it.

    1. You’re welcome. Martin Luther King Jr. was definitely inspirational as you say. I absolutely agree with you.

      I believe it’s important to talk about things, speak out about the things that matter. We must always tell the truth as much as we must speak out when it’s necessary so that good prevails evil.

  2. It is said that the two most important days in our lives are the day we were born and the day we find out why. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was testament to that.

    We’ve learned some valuable things through history, mostly how evil hovers over our heads and that we must always do something about it.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re absolutely right and I can’t help but think that the past has also taught us that history is set to repeat itself because we fail to learn our lessons.

      History has taught us some very valuable lessons over the years, on how we get to change how we see and deal with each other. Unfortunately, we’re not taking heed and instead just create more uncertainties and friction in an already fragile world.

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