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It’s not always easy to be happy depending on what we deal with, but as hard as it is sometimes, trying to be happy can in some cases help us cope better.

The saying goes that if we’re happy we’re more likely to be positive and if we’re positive, we’re more likely to cope better. Like any emotion, it is learned.

By understanding our lives we’re more likely to deal with our stress better, the happier and a better attitude we will have.

Like everything in life, being happy needs to be honed.

28 Oct, 2011

6 thoughts on “Being happy

  1. I agree with this thought totally.

    It is not always easy to be happy depending on a person’s situation. Try and find something in your day that makes you smile (however briefly), it will help your mood.

    Cherish your good friends and the people who make you happy.

    1. I totally agree with your sentiments Randy; although our good friends have to cherish us back! Thank you for posting.

  2. I honestly do not remember the last time I was happy…I mean truly happy. This CP is like a “monkey on my back”, it’s always there.

    I don’t know if its possible to be happy with my body constantly reminding me that CP is around.

    1. I totally understand you.

      I believe that with the right support around us we can learn to have brighter days and on those days where we feel brighter, we may feel slightly happier with what we deal with.

      All of this stems from the support we receive as children. The more love and support we receive the easier we can live our lives, the happier we will be; but I understand how difficult that can be.

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