Being superior

Something inspirational:

“There isn’t anything noble about being superior to another person.  True nobility is in being superior to the person you once were.”


25 Feb, 2013

6 thoughts on “Being superior

  1. I totally agree. Some people think they are so that!! But being better than we used to be, improving every aspect of our life is noble.

    We shouldn’t think we are better than others because we don’t know what they have dealt with or are dealing with. That’s like being in a car driving somewhere and getting behind a slow person. We may get angry and some people may kind of harass that person, but we don’t know what they are going through.

    They may be on their way home after losing a loved one and are grieving.

    You just never know. People don’t wear signs.

    1. Thanks Lisa. You’re right. No one is better and/or superior than anyone else.

      I love this quote because it tells it how it is and should be.

  2. Yes, for many years I did feel superior to most people, at the same time fighting the feeling that I was so much less than, if that makes any sense!

    It became more a sense of disassociation, which led to many times of being cut off from the real world. I’ve dealt with feeling not worthy so much that I have truly missed out on so many great things in my life, like seeing my daughter grow up.

    I just feel like I’m trying to play catch up while really fighting to at least feel comfortable in my own skin.

    It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed, but all I can do now is try to change what I can to make the future at least a little better than what it has been in the past!

    1. I know exactly what you mean Randy. We put on a facade so that we fit into our lives and that’s what people get to see when we’re in company, but away from company we feel all of the other things you talk about like not being worthy. You are very much worthy.

      We cannot change the past but we can change how we feel in our present, so that we continue to make significant positive changes for others.

      I believe you can change Randy, but it’s something we all have to continue to work on.

  3. That’s a great saying. I know so many people who look down on others and think they are superior.

    We should all try and simply be better people ourselves without judging others.

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