Better with time

Something inspirational:

“Time ripens all things; no man is born wise.”


9 Jul, 2013

6 thoughts on “Better with time

    1. I also believe this quote to be true; but there will be exceptions for some; primarily because we’ve already subconsciously chosen a different path. Usually life in general, how we cope and grow through what we have to deal with adds to those subconscious thoughts.

      That’s not to say we should sit back and just accept what life hands out and not learn how to change and become wise. Over time as individuals we must grow spiritually emotionally and physically to become wise.

      As the quote rightly says, no one is born wise. It happens over time with the right attitude to our experiences.

  1. I agree. With time we become wise. For some it maybe a struggle like me, but it will happen in time.

    I’ve heard the brain don’t mature until we are around 25 years of age. For guys it’s a little later and for girls it maybe a little sooner.

    But it just takes time period. We just have to have patience with ourselves.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree that some of us will reach that time before others will; but it’s something we all have to continue to work on.

      It’s not something that’s just there with age, we have to continually work at it.

  2. Yes no man is born wise, but time definitely has a way of teaching many very hard lessons.

    I’ve learned most things in my life the hard way so there isn’t much that I would continue repeating. They say time heals all wounds but there will still be plenty of scars in my opinion.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes we’re not born wise, but as we become wiser with age, hopefully we will learn how to handle our lessons so that we don’t go on to repeat them.

      Scars do seem roar at the time, but as we learn to handle and move on from certain experiences those scars will heal. That is my belief.

      Scars tend to attach themselves to difficult experiences but as soon as we moved on from those experiences, those scars will dissipate too. They serve as gentle reminders of any unhappy or difficult experiences.

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