4 thoughts on “Books are mirrors

  1. This is true to a point, you will obviously relate to things that have happened in your life. But also books will introduce new ideas. They help you see a bit inside someone elses ideas, thoughts and what they have experienced in their own lives.

    1. Thanks Maria, yes this is what I particularly like about reading books, particularly like self-help books for that very reason.

      Books can give us an insight into the life’s experiences of the author, which allows us in turn to think about our own experiences and that in effect can bring about new ideas for ourselves and our family.

  2. Books have helped me throughout my life. They have educated and enlightened me, but mostly distracted me from my life’s problems.

    Growing up I used to read a lot. It was a great way to forget what I was going through at home. I got lost in a story and sometimes imagine how my life would be if I was one of the characters in the book.

    I still enjoy reading novels and self help books. They not only help entertain me, but the self help books help teach me to live a better life.

    1. Thanks Maria. I love your response. Sad times of course, but from your love of books, you’ve come through very much in control of your life and your thoughts.

      Books particularly self-help books do help us in this way.

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