4 thoughts on “Broken trust

  1. This is so true! Trust is very important to me.

    I have to be able to trust someone to have any relationship with them. Once I’ve lost that trust I can’t have a meaningful relationship with that person.

    This is especially important with family and spouses I think. I do believe in redemption, but it will take a lot to reach that level.

    1. Ditto. I agree, although sometimes it’s helpful to look at the bigger picture of what prompted someone to break that trust in the relationship in the first place.

      It helps us understand more of what the other person goes through. Sometimes situations aren’t so clear cut or black and white.

    1. Thanks Randy. Trust is what holds the glue together in any relationship.

      Unfortunately once that trust is gone it doesn’t just leave a vacuum but is often replaced with mistrust, which is why in my view it’s important if possible to see where the breakdown of trust arose and what can be done about it.

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