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  1. Labels are, from what I can tell, a way to try to make sense out of events that don’t make any sense to me or anyone else!

    I watched the movie ‘McFarland USA’ last night, which had a lot to do with labels and how people felt trapped by those labels. We had to deal with labels as children, so even as adults we lived as though we had blinders on without even realizing it.

    We deal with so many labels every day like my being mentally ill, or others who have a disability, which somehow makes them different or special. Even now, when people pretend to be all sensitive and politically correct, those terms are quite often very insulting!

    My point is that so many people feel pressured to label events, people and even themselves so that they’ll be able to wrap their minds around it. I grew up in a world where not a lot made sense and we were supposed to be okay with whatever they labelled things being.

    People so often get upset and offended when I speak of my childhood and the way I feel about my parents, but they didn’t grow up in the world I did. The movie reminded me of this, as we went from living in Maine to pretty much living on what we felt was another planet.

    My world was not politically correct, or anything like that so I have a hard time explaining it to people. Trying to change the labels in my mind has proven to be far more difficult, than others can imagine or comprehend.

    A lifetime of brainwashing and harassment tends to embed those labels, to a point where you no longer can distinguish between the fantasy and the reality of what really happened.

    Visiting my father yesterday reminded me of this, as he kept saying we left Arizona because somebody wanted to kill him and I do actually believe it. You can’t candy coat events like that or try to pretend like that was anything close to normal.

    Letting go of all those labels that became part of my very being will be a very painful process, but I know it needs to be done to break the cycle.

    1. You’re absolutely right Randy. As you have pointed out there are labels for almost everything and as you point out, working through the process can be painful, but I believe it’s something we have to do if we are to change our lives.

      I agree with this quote. Seeing an issue or circumstance through fresh eyes should help us. It doesn’t mean we forget the bad things, no one can erase emotional or physical abuse, but we can choose to let go of the abuse and move on.

      I believe that has to happen if we want to get the best out of our lives. When we hold on to painful experiences, we carry an enormous amount of stress, anxiety, anger and hurt.

  2. Recently, I’ve sort of changed my label and reinvented myself in mid flight. It’s about reading opportunity, investing in hope and considering long term trends.

    Changing my personal label is about isolating the solution to develop the most articulate statement possible.

    1. Thanks Tim. What you describe is what most of us do and as long as we reinvent ourselves positively, in ways that will benefit other people too, I think it can be a good thing.

      It’s when we reinvent ourselves and spiritually fail to develop that we will continue to struggle. I believe that if we concentrate on finding ways to be better, we will see our life through a new and brighter lens.

      That way we get to make an informed choice about our lives and how we get to deal with what happens in our life.

  3. This is all part of how we perceive issues. We can’t change the things that have happened, but we can certainly change how we view them and where we put them in our psyche, so that we are in control of their impact.

    I have had major issues with some family members and will never forget what they have handed out, but I’m trying to find a place for the nonsense and that is an important part of the letting go process.

    1. You’re absolutely right and yes I couldn’t agree more. Not to deal with or change our attitude to certain issues will just serve to make us ill.

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