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  1. This quote made me laugh. I’d like to think that eventually, with maturity and experience our children will accept our advice. I’ll come back to you on that one!

    1. That’s good! I believe they will. The whole point to parenting is that we teach children how to function in the outside world.

      Just because children don’t show us they’re taking our values on board, doesn’t mean they’re not. With the right foundations in place, I believe children will always come back to our way of thinking and will follow our advice at a later date; if they agree with our advice of course.

      It generally doesn’t happen in the early years. Children tend to test the boundaries of what is the norm, or what they are or are not allowed to do.

  2. Some parents do not provide good advice, so their children mistrust the words they speak. It’s too much to live with questions and problems and a shaky foundation at the same time.

    Some children are raised with natural disturbances in lovely homes.

    1. Yes, quite. We tend to know our parents and parenting, not to the point of fully understanding our lives, but enough to know something doesn’t feel or sound right. The trouble is we’re not mature enough to understand the signs fully.

      I absolutely agree with you when you say, ‘it’s too much to live with questions and problems and a shaky foundation at the same time.’ Unfortunately too many children grow up in the environment you speak of.

      Considering our childhood moulds us and shapes our lives for our future, I feel parents must get the parenting thing right. If parents lead by good examples, I am confident children would want to follow their parents’ example and take their advice. Why not?

      If we get it wrong, they will learn badly by example and will choose to take their own advice eventually.

  3. Of course the other side to this quote, is that while we might advise our children of the right way, unless we show them the right way they will always follow our bad example.

    1. From some of my experiences I would say the opposite is true; although we have to consciously think about and look at our parents behaviour to incorporate change.

      We form unconscious patterns throughout our life, through our parents parenting us, which if left unchanged can be damaging. It’s so important that parents lead their children by examples; good ones at that.

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