6 thoughts on “Choosing words carefully

  1. Yes! There are quite a few people I know personally and have met that carry a tone of rudeness or carelessness while speaking quite important words.

    It makes me wonder if they don’t or can’t hear themselves. Tone speaks a whole new language, to me anyway and I’m certain others’ feel the same.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Your second paragraph sums up your response beautifully and you have a point.

      I think a lot of how we speak is environmental, passed to us through family patterns. Although a select few may not care, depending on where they are emotionally, I believe more won’t or can’t hear themselves speak.

      It’s important we rewind our tone back in our minds when communicating, just to make sure we’re happy with our tone and what we’re about to say.

  2. I ignore it and angle myself towards the door when people speak haphazardly or more assertive than they should.

    But every word I speak is measured, with people’s humanity in mind.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I agree with you, although in dysfunctional families it’s much harder to walk towards the door when that happens.

      I also with agree with you that every word we speak must be measured, with people’s humanity in mind. Both are sadly lacking.

  3. If people meant what they said with sincerity, those words wouldn’t merely be sound effects but meaningful and worthwhile.

    1. Yes, you’re absolutely right. It’s a shame the quote even has to exist. Perhaps this is something we can all think about with a view to change.

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