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  1. I can certainly relate to this quote. If I waited for closure I’d be sitting around all day doing nothing else with my time.

    I have learned a long time ago not to expect closure on issues, as the expectation can do more harm than learning to accept and moving on. In fact acceptance sometimes never comes either; you just find a place for something where you hope it does you no harm.

    You don’t ever forget and that is different from acceptance.

    1. I personally think we’ve got to make closure happen, either through moving on and finding an acceptance (where closure isn’t forthcoming.)

      Closure isn’t always something we can have. If the ‘other person’ doesn’t accept what they have done to us; all we can do is find a level of acceptance and move on from that issue.

      You can look at it another way. You can bring closure on something you’re responsible for. You cannot bring closure on something we’re not responsible for, just an acceptance it’s been done to us.

  2. In an ideal world there would be closure; there is nothing worse than not having closure.

    For instance when someone passes and we don’t have the chance to say goodbye. It’s a part of life that sometimes someone passes and goodbyes are not said. The only thing we can do is have a small memorial for them at home.

    Say your adieu and a prayer at home. Remembering the good times, because really those are the ones that stay with us forever. This is the only grasp at closure, once the person is gone and we find out after the fact.

    Life isn’t easy and having an open situation like this makes it harder.

    1. Yes losing a loved one isn’t easy, primarily due to the circumstances of their passing and how things were between family before our loved one passed.

      I think we’re all aware and know that we will lose our loved ones, it’s often how that we struggle with.

      The act of passing is so much harder than the passing itself, I often think. However we lose a loved one, it helps when we come to understand everything there is to know about what happens after death.

      When a loved one isn’t with us that’s very hard, particularly if they die alone, but again the process and having the understanding often makes it easier. It’s not something we can avoid.

  3. There are times when moving on is closing a chapter that should have never opened in the first place. Get up, get out, move on and leave the unimportant things behind.

    But when it involves my personal interaction with another soul, closure is very important to me. It’s not easy, but I’d hate to leave a stain on someone else’s life or my legacy.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I feel the same way, but even if we go out of our way to make sure we don’t leave a stain on another person’s life, I’m not sure whether they see that or the effort we make.

      Everything is open to interpretation. As human beings we will always see and interpret things differently. All we can do is give of our best to make sure that what you describe doesn’t happen.

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