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For us to have positive thoughts we have to think positively. Over the next few weeks I will be adding some positive thoughts and quotes to the site, things that I have found extremely helpful with what I deal with. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on what works for you.

6 Jul, 2010

6 thoughts on “Coming soon

  1. I truly believe people who act and think positively are much happier people. However, If you have been put down & people think you are not worthy it is hard to get those messages out of your brain. They tend to play over and over in your head. The key I think is to stop those messages every time you think them. Change them into positive thoughts. I know you are saying easier said than done. It can be accomplished.

    1. Randy, although it can be hard to change the thought pattern of negative thoughts it can be done. I used to play negative thoughts in my head as a little girl and would replace them with happier thoughts which I would say over and over again.

      As I became more occupied with my life, those negative thoughts started to turn into more positive ones. Surround yourself with less negative people and it will happen. Sometimes it’s hard to see why we become so negative, but we only have to look at those people around us and we have our answers. Affirmations do help.

  2. I used to get negativity when I was young. Mainly “you can’t do that”. I think I proved to everyone that “I can and will”. The negativity seemed to make me stronger and more determined. I also think it made me the strong willed person I am today and even though I’m a little weaker than I was I get really determined when it comes to the disorders that I have. Now people say “How do you do that, you should be in bed?” It is hard sometimes when I hear negative things but I try and turn them around or just ignore them all together. I also pray a lot and get my strength from God. He has brought me through so much. I think some people are negative because they are not happy just as Randy said. I think some are just jealous (of what, I have no idea). They have to say something negative to make themselves feel better. I try to say something positive and turn it around in these types of situations.

    1. Lisa, I think you are right that growing up with negativity can make one more determined to succeed. I have shown that too. I also agree that when people aren’t happy they do become very negative, but I also think when that happens they can become very critical of what you deal with and have their own opinions of what you feel without being supportive.

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