4 thoughts on “Correcting the mind

  1. If we correct the negative thoughts in our minds and make more positive choices, then surely the result can only be positive.

    Once our mind is focussed on the positive, then our actions and decisions that follow are more likely to be positive and our experience of life will similarly be positive.

    1. Thanks, yes that’s right and there are many ways we can do that. Changing lifestyles is important and being around people who are positive is also important.

      Negativity is also hereditary. Some people are genetically pre-disposed to see the dark side of everything. But it’s something that we must continue to work on.

      Environment can and often does play a part in how we feel and that changes how we cope.

  2. I corrected my mind by not letting snakes have access to it. A very sophisticated way of telling some folks to take a hike.

    You’d have to empty your trash to really free your mind these days.

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s absolutely the right thing to do. Without brain damage and Autism I’d have less difficulties clearing my mind.

      Unless I am able to talk about and get my thoughts out, they usually take residence until I am able to move them on.

      Perhaps if more of us worked together for the greater good, particularly in families and the wider world, we would all generally struggle less.

      We bring it upon ourselves most days then wonder why we’re feeling down. Through what I deal with, this is why I continue to do what I do.

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