Dealing with negativity

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When someone is causing you trouble or being difficult there’s always a reason; although it’s not always evident or obvious why they may be behaving in such a way.

Stand back and just know it’s not you. This may help you understand without feeling the need to take others’ negativity on board. It will also help you contribute to coping better with the presenting situation.

You can either say something to help the problem along its way, ignore it altogether, change the subject or simply choose to walk away.

1 Apr, 2011

6 thoughts on “Dealing with negativity

  1. It’s like that with my daughter. She always has a problem and if you get into it with her, she’s like a little dog that won’t let go.

    I feel like it’s an attention getting thing with her. It’s always about her.

    1. Lisa it’s always difficult for anyone who deals with negativity to see anything that is positive, even if we try and point anything that we see as being positive. It’s a pattern repeated many times.

      I am sure if your daughter ever recognised those traits as her own, she would at least try and turn some of those negative thoughts around. Thanks for posting.

  2. I think with negative people sometimes, they are used to getting attention. I tend to ignore it and I have noticed that when I do, his behavior stops.

  3. I bet we all know someone who can be a pain at times. They are not worth getting stressed over. It’s not your problem, but theirs.

    I appreciate this can make them very difficult to handle and then situations tend to escalate.

    1. Yes I am sure we do. It does make it very difficult because when we think we’re okay, something happens at we’re back at square one again.

      They also tend to be unpredictable in nature so we never know where we are with them. Herein the problem lies.

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