10 thoughts on “Doubts of today

  1. Yes this is so true.

    Our doubts are the things which prevent us from moving on, as we tend to dwell on the past. But we mustn’t and should always look forward!

    1. Ditto on your thoughts. As hard as it is to look and move forward, you’re absolutely right, this is what we must do.

  2. Very true and I agree with Claude. We can’t compare what tomorrow will be like with things that have happened in the past. That would be like saying ‘this happened the last time, so it will probably happen again this time.’

    Things that are in our past should stay there and tomorrow is another day, a different day. Make the most of it. Expect great and happy things.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree with both you and Claude. We have to work through our doubts so that we can move forward. Dwelling on what’s happened or what might happen again is counterproductive.

      That would be like saying history is repeating itself and that doesn’t often happen, unless we replicate it.

  3. Excellent and timely quote to start my day off with.

    Changing my attitude will happen before my morning coffee.

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