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  1. That’s about right. We learn nothing in school other than how to survive it; all of our lessons are learned long after we leave.

    1. Thank you. Yes I believe that to be true. With school we’re taught to pass exams. Not how to function in our lives, in the working world, or world.

      We’re also not taught about strength of character or spirituality and how those fit into our lives.

  2. Distrust and doubt are the first lessons you learn when someone is giving you their version of the world. That’s why I’m self taught when it comes to history and spirituality.

    Perhaps the greatest single achievement in my life was knowing I wasn’t hearing the truth when it was told.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes I couldn’t agree more. I believe school should be there for us to make informed choices from our learning; but they teach a certain way and we’re told how to learn.

      As you say someone’s version of how they see the world isn’t the way we see the world. I believe spirituality and morality should be part of the school scenario as we learn.

      I think it’s a shame because we spend a large part of our early years in school.

  3. I agree one hundred percent, it’s what is left behind after all is forgotten about school. Too bad it can’t be Cliffs Notes and what we forget is garbage we really don’t need.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes I couldn’t agree more. We do tend to learn things in school that don’t serve a purpose in every day thinking or life.

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